Definition of the word still in its adjectival form refers to the state of something being motionless and stationary. Thus still analysis may be defined as the analysis of a stationary object such as a picture or a painting. Urgent assignment help is necessary when time is not on your side. Still analysis may also be described as a visual analysis since they are used to describe an image and discuss its composition i.e. how it has been put together. Purpose of a visual analysis is to: Provide an analysis of the image’s meaning, evaluating the image’s effectiveness in the modern today and considering the image’s historical meaning.

Writing a picture analysis essay:

You should focus your attention on the picture’s author. Be interested in knowing who the author of the picture is, where their field of interest lies, their artistic achievements. Getting knowledge of this information helps one in analyzing the picture’s context in a better way.

3Picture context. Picture context is related to issues such as location in which the picture has been taken and other dimensions in the picture. Analyzing the picture’s context facilitates better interpretation of the picture.

Description of the picture. State what you see and think about the image(s) in the picture and the impressions the picture is portraying to your mind. A picture that has various elements to it is preferred best since it enforces different impressions on the observer’s mind.

Interpret the picture’s message. This is done by analyzing the pictures background since some pictures such as professional photos a most times usually disseminate important information changing an individual’s attitude towards a certain definite issue. When interpreting a picture’s message you can also analyze the techniques used by the author of the picture/photographer and also your reaction to the picture such as whether the picture depicts negativity such as war and disasters or positivity such as happiness. Your interpretation of the picture also can give predictions concerning what the reactions of the society will be.

How to structure your analysis essay assignment:

Choose a thesis i.e. list down all your ideas and thoughts concerning the picture which you gathered in your analysis process. The strongest one will act as your thesis which you’ll communicate about in the essay.

The initial paragraphs of your essay should be creative and also assertive thus make sure to give each new paragraph its own topic and state your assertions in each.

Your statements should be authoritative giving a citation of different examples that provide support to your opinion.

In your conclusion state the facts proven in the analysis and also restate the thesis.

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